Should we ignore, follow, or biopsy? The impact of AI Decision Support on breast ultrasound lesion assessment. Read the study

Software with vision.

Cancer diagnosis with ultrasound requires great vision. Koios uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide clinical decision support (“DS”) for physicians and technologists when using ultrasound to detect and diagnose cancer. The result: Smart Ultrasound™ Research continues to prove that physician performance and patient outcomes improve measurably with a second expert opinion, especially one informed by a database of hundreds of thousands of images tied to pathology results. Koios DS knows, in seconds.

How does it work?

Smart. Accurate. Fast.

It's like seeing in the dark, only better.

Precision Precision
Confidence Confidence
Save Lives Save Lives
Peace of Mind Peace of Mind

Koios supports a fast, accurate, and trusted diagnosis. Our flagship product, Koios DS Breast, is a breast cancer diagnostic assistant. Our hardware-agnostic software is compatible with all major PACS vendors and cleared by the FDA as a safe and effective aid to assist a skilled physician in analyzing breast ultrasound images .*

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Koios simply sees more.

AI is no longer science fiction. Koios is proprietary software and patented methods built on proven machine learning algorithms and using data invisible to the human eye. Koios continues to "learn", improving thanks to our growing database of ultrasound images and their pathology results. In less than two seconds, an expert opinion is at a physician's or ultrasound technologist’s fingertips.

Who is Koios?

Koios CEO Chad McClennan recently gave a TEDx talk on how machine learning is transforming radiology. Watch now!